Precision High Voltage Systems

High Voltage AC Form Coil Manufacturing Made in the USA.  New modern manufacturing facility features automated wire rack with capability for turn transposition and (16) wires-in-hand.  Turn-tape automation features digital control and 4 tape supports for application of dedicated mica for copper strands.  Tension and lapping accuracy to 600 RPM.  Robotic taping stand with digital coil mapping software guarantees repeatable fast and accurate lapping and tension for application of groundwall mica.  Full test lab for hipot, surge test, VET, power factor and partial discharge.

  • Global VPI Stator Coils 13 kV
  • Hot Press B-Stage Stator Coils 13 kV
  • PrecisionSEAL-HV
  • PrecisionVAC-HV
  • PrecisionFLEX-HV