Management Team

JOEL MCMAHON is Chairman and CEO of Jay Industrial Repair. Joel graduated from Birmingham Southern College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1992 and went on to purchase Jay Electric in 1995. Joel serves on the President’s cabinet at the University of Alabama and is an avid fan of all things Alabama – particularly golf, basketball and football. He also is a member of the Pleiad Foundation, a family foundation that supports charities, non-profits and educational entities primarily in Alabama. Joel is active in the Birmingham Business Alliance (BBA), which promotes economic interests of Birmingham and the surrounding metro area and serves on their executive committee.

WILLIAM SHIVER is President of Jay Industrial Repair. William has over 27 years of experience in the electrical apparatus repair industry. William’s experience includes field service management, plant management and business development. He graduated from Auburn University and went on to complete his MBA at Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Florida. As president, William’s  primary focus is maximizing the potential for the motor service division and expansion into new markets.

KRISTINA WILSON is Chief Financial Officer. Kristina is a native of South Mississippi with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Mississippi and Master of Accountancy from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Kristina joined Jay Industrial Repair in 2014 as Corporate Controller with responsibility for treasury and cash management activities, financial and management reporting and human resources. Her previous business experience includes 12 years in Big Four public accounting and successful private equity held companies serving the telecommunications and publishing industries, most recently with Momentum Telecom. She was promoted in 2016 and continues to focus on maintaining the financial strength of the company through balance sheet management while maximizing sustainable growth and operational efficiency. Kristina is actively involved in the community and church where she leads international missionary and service groups.

DAVID HYDE is President of Operations for Precision Coil & Rotor.  Mr. Hyde started his career as motor winder and coil maker for Cleveland Electric Company in 1977.  He went on to be a supervisor for Cleveland Electric Coil and in 1992 he was the driving force in a new coil manufacturing business under the name of Precision. His career experience includes development and testing of insulation systems along with marketing and manufacturing productivity.  He is responsible for the creation of the Precision Coil & Rotor business unit and Precision High Voltage Systems.

CHASE FELL is Vice President of Engineering for Jay Industrial Repair and Precision. Chase’s career experience includes work at Andersen Consulting, Reliance Electric Company, ESSEX-Brownell and Montevallo Electric and Machine. He served as president of the Birmingham Jaycees Foundation and was general manager of Precision Rotor Division. Chase’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from The University of Alabama at Birmingham and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Auburn University. Chase is an active contributor in the EASA Technical Education Committee and the EPRI Motor and Generator Rewind Course.

RONNIE NORRIS is Corporate Sales Manager at Jay Industrial Repair. He has a proven track in the Electric Motor service industry, beginning his career in 1972 and accumulating over 40 years of experience. Ronnie is skilled in most facets of industrial motor repair including experience in DC machinery, Winding and Mechanics.  Ronnie attended Baptist University while working full time, earning a degree in Business and Biblical Studies.  He has held previous positions of Regional Manager, Corporate Sales Manager and V.P of Operations.  Much of his career has included customer relationship responsibilities with large corporate accounts.