Jay Industrial Repair has processed their first rotor in our new ultrasonic cleaning tank and highlighted below are some before and after pictures. We are really pleased with performance and it will only improve as we get more familiar with system and how to get most beneficial results.

Below are pictures of a 700hp AC rotor we cleaned using the Ultra Sonic for the 1st time. We had a similar rotor in this condition a couple months ago. Using the steam cleaner we had to go back 3 different times before we got it clean enough to do a core loss/rotor bar test on it.

This rotor was in the tank 20 minutes at 160 degrees, hosed off the residue and after its dry it will be ready to test and install.

The first picture is off the rotor before in condition it arrived. The 2nd picture is the rotor submerged in the ultrasonic tank and the final two picture are after being in tank for 20 minutes.

Before cleaning

Rotor submerged end rings of rotor after cleaning

700hp Rotor after Cleaning