Our Montgomery Service Center recently test ran a spare ABB Permanent Magnet motor for a large paper company. As an ABB AVP service provider Jay Montgomery and Birmingham centers have the trained knowledge, Variable Frequency Drives and equipment to service these unique AC machines. This machine will go into service soon and its sister will come out for a possible rotor replacement.

This machine is a ABB AMZ, 420kw, 205 RPM running at 17.08Hz. These synchronous machines are becoming very popular in all industries due to their ability to operate at low synchronized speeds without the need for gearboxes and other speed reducers.

Our sales team has the knowledge and the support of ABB to help you engineer the right motor for your application using the ABB Permanent Magnet AC machines.

AMZ 500 frame
17.08 Hz

Total weight = 6930kg (=15,278 lbs)

ABB Magnet Motor Repair