Our Birmingham Service Center recently won a bid to rewind a Westinghouse 20MW, 13,800v, 3600 rpm gas turbine generator. Our team will rewind the stator, upgrade the unit to a class F design, and rewind the rotor with a class F insulation upgrade. Jay Industrial’s field service team performed the structural demo of the building to remove the generator and obtained  “heavy load” permits from 3 states in bringing the generator back to Birmingham. After rewinding the unit, Jay Industrial will complete the turnkey project by installing, aligning and performing all electrical connections. Start up services will be completed by our field engineers. This unit, weighing right at 100,000 pounds,  is the largest unit Jay has ever received in our service center. Currently, the Birmingham Service Center also has a 25MW rewind in-house and just completed rewind and repair of a 10MW unit.